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Miguel Cabrera is finally healthy and enjoying a fun-filled offseason

A happy Miggy is better for everyone.

DETROIT -- In case you haven't noticed by the plethora of photos popping up on his Instagram account this offseason, Miguel Cabrera is enjoying life to its fullest these days. For the first time in a few years, his offseason hasn't been derailed by injuries or surgeries for issues put up with over the course of a season. He's healthy. And having a blast.

"It's a relief," he said, of not running into any obstacles this offseason. "I feel good. I feel strong, like I can do anything."

After dealing with offseason surgeries in back-to-back years, Cabrera has taken full advantage of the extra time on his hands. Between going home, taking part in youth baseball camps, and traveling abroad, Cabrera said his favorite part has been the countries he's been able to see: namely, Barcelona, Spain.

Of course, that involved meeting FC Barcelona, a near-requirement for the first baseman who acts like a fan when it comes to soccer. His exuberance prior to leaving on the Detroit Tigers' caravan may as well have matched that of a star-struck kid. He and Victor Martinez were their usual selves, laughing and bugging one another boisterously despite the crowded media room.

It's been typical for fans and the media to see a more reserved personality from Cabrera, and after what he's gone through physically these last few years it's to be expected. But on Thursday the Tigers' slugger was hardly at his seat. He was more concerned with talking to just about anyone and everyone he could, laughing it up with teammates and staff. The Cabrera that hasn't been around for a while, was back.

He's still preparing for the upcoming season, but Cabrera is in no hurry to rush the offseason along. If anything, he's hoping to prolong it and enjoy what remains before position players report on Feb. 22 and spring training begins. Oh, and he cut his hair short again -- the long, weird hairstyle is no more. For now, Cabrera is just enjoying the perks of being 100 percent healthy again.