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Send Bless You Boys your podcast questions!

We have one: when does spring training start again?

Elsa/Getty Images

Last week, we were hurting for podcast questions as we planned to talk about Yoenis Cespedes, the lineup, and moves that other teams around baseball were making. Then, Tigers general manager Al Avila dropped a present into our laps when he and the club agreed to a six-year deal with outfielder Justin Upton.

It's like he wants us to be happy.

So, once again, we'll ask for your podcast questions. Post them below, on Facebook, or on Twitter, and we'll answer them on next week's show! Until Avila and the Tigers make another big roster move, that is.

Oh, and for our readers and fans on the East coast: stay safe and warm this weekend, and be sure to listen to last week's episode while you're stuck inside.