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Detroit Tigers Links: Let's get angry about the Hall of Fame vote

Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble

Ken Levine/Getty Images

Yesterday, Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza were voted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Griffey garnered the highest percentage vote in history at 99.3 and Mike Piazza made it on his fourth try with 83 percent. The players will be inducted on July 24. Full results below via Baseball Reference:

So, good for Junior and Piazza. But now we can start the real conversation, which is getting SUPER angry about all the other players that didn't get in. Tigers fans are upset that their greatest team will have approximately zero Tigers in the Hall of Fame. We have the on the curmudgeonly writers getting on their soap box about steroids. There's the fact that one of the greatest players of a generation couldn't even get all of the votes. And then there is this guy:

That is a gross misuse of power. I don't know if I have more of an issue with not voting any of the other deserving players or only voting in Griffey and Jeff Kent (just kidding, its that one).

And yes, these are valid reasons to be angry about how silly the Hall of Fame process has become, but we are going about this wrong. There simply isn't a reason to get worked up. The system is irreparably broken, and until it is changed, we are all Grampa Simpson:

So don't put stock in who is in the Hall of Fame and who isn't. We all know that Alan Trammell was an incredible player. And Pete Rose still has the most hits. Appreciate players for who they are and what they did, not whether they have a metal face in a random place in New York.

Dan Haren gets REAL honest, and we all benefit

Dan Haren went on an all time Twitter binge revealing a number of important things about his pitching, his alcohol consumption, and his bathroom habits. My favorite tweet:

This really speaks to me. Sometimes in life, we are all down in the count, and we just gotta throw it down the middle and hope for the best. Good for you Dan.

Alex Gordon is signed by not the Tigers

Well, one left fielder down, two to go. The Royals really needed Gordon, and paid un-Royal like money to keep him in the form of $72 million over four years. The move also gives some perspective on the rest of the Royals offseason and beyond.

Offseason healing going as planned

Mixed within the many musings of Anthony Fenech are updates on both Anibal Sanchez and Victor Martinez. Both are 100 percent and looking forward to next year. Both are key to next years rebound.

So, are we actually doing this?

It is looking more likely by the day that the Tigers will not be signing another outfielder. Tom Zahari takes stock of what left field would look like with the current roster.