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Introducing the newest additions to the BYB staff!

It’s time to get reacquainted with one another!

Detroit Tigers v Atlanta Braves
Daps and hugs, mean mugs and shoulder shrugs
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

From the editorial staff: The baseball season is a long, strenuous grind. While none of us at Bless You Boys would ever be confused with a professional athlete, we too feel the strain of a 162-game schedule. Stress, real life, and other obligations get in the way of this beautiful passion we all share.

In order to spread out the workload and bring some new voices to you, the reader, we have expanded our staff! Making their BYB debuts are Ashley, Grace, John, Peter, and Ron! I’ll let this Fab Five take it from here:



I’m the contributor formerly known as Sierra Dean (my author name). I’m also a Canadian, so I’ll probably be way too nice about things. I also run the blog 90 Feet From Home where I talk about more general baseball topics, while reserving my copious Tigers thoughts for BYB. Thanks for having me!


Hi everyone, I’m Grace, also known as Eye of the Tigers! I’m 18 years old and I’ve been a Tigers fan since 2006. My first season as a diehard fan was 2014, and since then I’ve learned so much about the game of baseball! I joined BYB in May (though I’d lurked for many months before that) and I’ve learned so much more since I’ve been here. I want to send shout-outs to Brittany, Mick, Josh, hammer, and knuckles for all of your encouragement this year. Without your kind words, I wouldn’t have applied in the first place. Thank you!


Greetings everyone, I’m John. You may recognize me by the name Chubbyrainmaker here on Bless You Boys and on Twitter. I’ve been around since 2010, but up until the last few months I haven’t been big on contributing. Recently I cobbled together a few FanPosts that seemed generally well received, and I’m happy the staff here is giving me the opportunity to contribute on more of an official basis. I grew up in a little town outside of Toledo, Ohio listening to Tigers games on the radio with my grandma while she told Sparky Anderson what he was doing wrong. For reasons still unknown to me I now live in Philadelphia where I spend my summers thanking God I don’t follow the Phillies.


Hi, I’m Peter (formerly FrogTownFan). I’ve been a Tigers fan since I was a kid in the 90’s but didn’t start obsessively seriously following them until 2006. I’ve been a member of Bless You Boys since 2012 and have written various FanPosts, from payroll, to bullpen, and even food. I live in Toledo with my lovely wife and new daughter. I can’t even begin to tell you what an honor it is for me to join this site as a member of this excellent team and share my passion and love for the game and the Tiger with you all. Goggles on and ready to #WinTheDamnThing!


Hello all, my name is Ron but you probably know me by my Twitter handle, @FIPmyWHIP. I am a lifetime Michigander and a huge fan of Detroit sports, especially the Tigers. I am truly honored and very excited to be apart of the Bless You Boys team. I hope to be a great contributor to an already outstanding team. I wanted to give a quick shout-out to @HookSlide23 for all he's done to help me and for giving me an opportunity to write for his website. Now let's have some fun :)


As you can see, some of our new staff members are relatively new community members as well. There are others that have joined the commenting ranks, so let’s make this another “introduce yourself” thread! This time, we’ll add a theme: what are your plans for the offseason?