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Ian Kinsler got a new puppy and it's Pawwwdorable

Seriously, those paws are huge.

It’s the offseason, which means six months of rumors, reflection, anticipation, and of course, puppies. We are starting really early with the latter this year, and Ian Kinsler’s first task for the fall was to obtain a dog:

I can't help it . Here's a close up of my little dude. #boxerlife #mansbestfriend #warstic @warsticbaseball

A photo posted by Ian Kinsler (@i.kinsler3) on

Kinsler named the dog Tyson after Mike Tyson, and it’s a boxer. Which ... I get jokes. Anyway! Here is an adorable video of Tyson showing Kinsler some serious baserunning speed, which the Tigers could probably take some Pointers (dog breed pun intended) on.

Tyson! Yes, after Mike , new addition to the family. #boxerlife #nikerun #repingnike

A video posted by Ian Kinsler (@i.kinsler3) on

That, my friends, is a 13/10 Very Good Dog.