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Magglio Ordonez’s walk-off homer clinched the ALCS 10 years ago today

The Shot Heard ‘Round Detroit hits a big anniversary.

ALCS Game 4: Oakland A's v Detroit Tigers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

While the Tigers may have missed the playoffs this season, today marks the 10th anniversary of one of the most significant moments in their playoff history. On this day in 2006, Magglio Ordoñez sent a Houston Street fastball high-and-deep into the cold night in Detroit, subsequently sending the Tigers to their first World Series since 1984.

As soon as the ball left the bat, every person in the stadium, hell, every person watching on TV or listening to Dan Dickerson on the radio, knew that the Tigers were on their way to the Series. It was a defining moment for the organization, the fanbase, and the city as a whole.

Since 2006, the Tigers have enjoyed considerable success despite missing out on that elusive World Series victory. However, with all of the success, it’s easy to forget how miserable the years were leading up to 2006. That year changed baseball in Detroit, and we’re still enjoying the benefits of it 10 years later. Although they didn’t win at all, the 2006 run was magical, and Magglio’s walk-off homer was the moment that we all rightfully remember from it.