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Kirk Gibson homered off of Goose Gossage 32 years ago

The Tigers clinched their last World Series victory on today’s date in 1984.

Thirty-two years ago today, a very special moment occurred not only in Tigers history, but in our namesake here at Bless You Boys. Kirk Gibson hit his famed game winning home run against the San Diego Padres that would win game 5 of the 1984 World Series and clinch the Tigers first World Series title in 16 years. This would go down in Detroit sports as one of the biggest moments ever.

Originally Padres manager Dick Williams walked out to the mound prior to Gibson’s at-bat to have Goose Gossage intentionally walk Kirk. However, Gossage refused and pitched to Gibson which would cost him dearly.

On the second pitch Kirk Gibson crushed it out to deep right field and the rest is simply history. This season in Tigers history is particularly special to us because sportscaster Al Ackerman used the catchphrase “Bless You Boys,” with their 35-5 start to the season, in which they lead the AL East division from the first game till the last game. It truly was an extraordinary season capped off by an even more exceptional moment.