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Detroit Tigers Links delivers ominous news for the offseason


Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

I... I don’t like change

So much for a quiet offseason, I guess? After watching the Detroit Tigers get so close to a playoff spot, most fans initially thought that the team would just make some minor tweaks this offseason. That idea appears to have gone out the window. With general manager Al Avila’s statements from Tuesday, a lot of things were just put on the table. Specifically, the Tigers could look to trade any number of players, including J.D. Martinez, Justin Verlander, or Miguel Cabrera.

And just to reaffirm the notion that there won’t be any big free agent signings...

This isn’t being done for a simple pay cut. This is a warning shout by Avila that nothing is off the table. It’s probably best we all mentally prepare ourselves for what is to come this offseason, because we might not like it.

The Andrew Miller lovefest is at critical mass

There are so many things about this year’s ALCS I have not been able to process, such as:

  • The Cleveland Indians are probably going to the World Series.
  • The city of Cleveland could win two championships in the same year.
  • Drone propellers are that sharp.
  • The meteoric rise of Andrew Miller.

Around these parts, Miller had long been thought of as an expendable piece in the hilariously lopsided trade that brought Miguel Cabrera to Detroit. However, over the past three years Miller has gone from good reliever to great reliever to arguably the best in the game. What he is doing in this postseason is remarkable.

I have to say, I did not see this coming in 2012.

A completely unrelated side note: it’s a good thing the New York Yankees couldn’t pair a ton of talent with their Aroldis Chapman/Andrew Miller/Dellin Betances bullpen. That crew gets even scarier in hindsight.

This is well worth 5 minutes of your life.

Say what you want about Jose Iglesias’ defensive metrics — they actually liked him this year! — but he sure makes it look easy.

Here is Terry Francona’s opinion on traditional relief pitching roles

Terry Francona has put on a master class of bullpen management this postseason, culminating in a Game 3 matchup where the Indians became the first team in playoff history to win with no pitcher recording more than five outs.

This is where I parked my car.

I really hope this is one of our readers so that we can all shower you in the glory you deserve.

For your free time.

The Cubs’ defense is historically great. It won’t help them if they don’t score any runs, though. Rich Hill is a weirdo; a lovable, nearly unemployed weirdo. The baseball playoffs don’t make sense part 7,493. Baseball ratings: surprisingly good!

Baseball is awesome.