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Daniel Norris’ Instagram is on another level

Who knew the man with the van had so many skills?

Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Daniel Norris, intrepid young starting pitcher, is a man renowned for many things, including his majestic offseason beard and his Volkswagen van, “Shaggy.” He’s something of a young Thoreau when not in uniform, busily surfing and skateboarding his way around America.

What some might not know about Norris, aside from the van and the killer beard, is that he spends a lot of his downtime taking remarkable photos. His subjects can be anything from people he meets while driving across the country (using the hashtag #dncityseries):

To sights he sees when exploring cities on the road mid-season, like this photo he got in Seattle:

Or even incredibly compelling photos of his own teammates:

He’s also something of an artist:

It’s worth it to go to Norris’ actual Instagram feed and read the stories behind the photos . He takes the time to really learn about each of his subjects, and you can see that warmth and compassion in the way he photographs them.

What an undeniable talent, above and beyond his pitching skills!