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Detroit Tigers Links begins the off season speculation

The offseason guessing game has begun.

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I'm not enjoying all of this conjecture

After the rather unsettling Al Avila press conference promising change, the speculation for what  could materialize has has begun. Wednesday, we here at BYB gauged the staff’s willingness to move one of the franchise players. Thursday, it was J.D. Martinez who was the source of contemplation.

Anthony Fenech presented a logical argument in the Free Press, with an extension from the Tigers not coming, it is possible the team move J.D. this off season.

And this off-season, he will approach the trade market with a number of high-priced, uber-productive chips, none more likely to get moved - if a move is made - than rightfielder J.D. Martinez.

Just like with Miguel Cabrera or Justin Verlander, no one really wants this to happen. Especially with that face, I mean come on. But, the reality is, the payroll is unsustainable and another 150 million dollar expenditure is out of the question. This is nothing more than deliberation but expect more of these articles in the off season.

Go Cubs Go!

Did you know that the Cubs play this after every win. Did you also know that you can catch it all on WGN.

I did not see that coming

We aren’t actually going to let Cleveland win 2 championships in one year ... right?

Seriously, the Indians being good was all fun and games until Wednesday. Then it all got so very real. The worst part, I think I am starting to root for them.

It goes beyond the underdog story, and the injuries. The team consists of a number of really likable personalities. Jason Kipnis seems like a cool dude. You’ve got "kid with a dream" Francisco Lindor. Terry Francona has long been one of my favorite managers in baseball. Coco Crisp is playing the cagey veteran role to a T. And Mike Napoli is quickly rising in my rankings.

Me too Mike. Me too.

So I don’t know what to do. I have long been a closet Cubs fan living in Chicago, and have been Ohio averse due to my college ties. But if it's the Dodgers versus the Indians, I will strongly be on the side of my AL Central brethren.

Oh yeah, the other reason I like the Indians

That would be for the amount of roasting they supplied Jose Bautista, Drake, and the Blue Jays as a whole.

If you recall, Bautista both questioned the circumstances of some of the umpire calls and indicated that Indians rookie pitcher Ryan Merritt would be "shaking in his boots." About half the team did some excellent tweeting in response after the game, but I think Kipnis summed it up the best:

More fun with Andrew Miller stats

Blue Jays aftermath

Losing is never fun. Losing four of five after talking smack in the lowest scoring ALCS in history is probably the least fun. Now the Blue Jays have some serious decisions to make.

Those decisions start with their offense, because the two best free agent sluggers for 2017 happen to be the heart of the 2016 Blue Jays lineup. Both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion are about to receive a pay day, the only question is from who?

At ages 36 and 34, respectively, it will be interesting to see how much money they command, but it is extremely likely that at least one of the core players from their ALCS run will not return next season. Probably should have kept that roof open.

For your free time.

The definitive list of unwritten rules in baseball. Indians fans found Ryan Merritt's wedding registry. He deserves the finest set of china. Cool moment between Angel Hernandez and Anthony Rizzo in game 4.

Baseball is awesome.