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Detroit Tigers Links got Klubered

Corey Kluber got the best of the Cubs in Game 1.

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I’ve watched that game before

So the strike zone was atrocious, but Corey Kluber was absolutely amazing in Cleveland’s 6-0 win in Game 1 of the World Series. Parlay that into two innings of (shaky) Andrew Miller, and Cody Allen to close it out, and you are in a ton of trouble. Thing is, this is exactly what happened to the Chicago Cubs last series with Clayton Kershaw, albeit in Game 2. They won’t be scared.

World Series pictured

(via Art Institute of Chicago)

The Cubs’ quick ascension

The Cubs have gone from a 66-win team to an 103-win team and World Series favorite in three years. How did this happen? Jon Heyman could have saved himself a lot of time and just typed “Theo Epstein,” but instead went a little deeper on the moves that turned the Cubs into a pennant winning team.

Who was that other team they were playing?

Oh yeah, the Indians are also participating in this series. And yes, they are actually good. And, if you are a betting fan, you may want to go ahead and take their side.

Best Cleveland sports day ever

Best day in Cleveland sports history

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John Lackey is old

Many happy returns

Both teams got a boost right before the series started. The more celebrated return was that of Kyle Schwarber due to his general awesomeness and propensity to hit massive dingers. That and we have a “best shape of his life” article for a baseball player in October which I don’t think I have ever seen.

But the more important return is that of Danny Salazar to the Indians. Looking at their playoff rotation, I still have no idea how the Indians are even here, but trading Cody Anderson for a top flight starter is a massive upgrade.

Award season has begun

Michael Fulmer being named Sporting News’ AL Rookie of the year has been highlighted, but their Comeback Player of the Year has also been awarded. Mark Trumbo the home run machine won for the AL, and Jose Fernandez and all of the feels won in the NL. [Ed.: Again, these aren’t the “official” awards, but are voted on by MLB players.]

For your free time

Andrew Miller is living the dream. MLB’s international draft proposal has a majority of Latin America’s trainers planning a boycott. After a host of front office departures in Boston, the team decides to forego having a GM position. Analytics FTW.

Baseball is awesome

Yes, I know they lost, but Schwarber is the man.