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Miguel Cabrera’s trophy case is bigger than yours

Like, way bigger.

When you’re a future Hall of Fame hitter with 14 major league seasons under your belt, you’re going to pick up an award or two along the way. Miguel Cabrera gave fans a glimpse of his hardware on Sunday.

Todo Esto no lo regalan ⚾️ dime tu quién eres?"por qué yo soy yo "✊

A photo posted by Miguel Cabrera (@miggy24) on

By my count, that’s....

  • Five Silver Sluggers (Baseball Reference says he has six)
  • Two AL MVPs
  • One badass crown
  • A host of other awards I can’t identify, some with the Tigers logo on them
  • Something weird off to the left that looks heavy
  • Two bronze-ish bats and a platinum boomstick

That’s an impressive haul, but he might need to get an even bigger trophy case if he has more seasons like the one he just finished (looking at you, Silver Slugger number seven).