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Justin Verlander was the best starter in the American League this season

And it wasn’t very close.

We have been all over the “Justin Verlander for Cy Young” hype train over the past several weeks. Brandon started the movement way back in July, Nolan went after the saber crowd in early September, and then we cannonballed into the deep end. SB Nation’s Grant Brisbee is on our side. So is Peter Gammons.

Now we have statistics. Twitter hero @Jar5150 did the heavy lifting here, pointing out just how dominant Verlander was in 2016.

The final results:

  • First in strikeouts
  • First in WHIP
  • First in batting average against
  • First in innings pitched
  • First in WAR (either version)
  • First in games with two runs (or fewer) allowed
  • Last in run support

It’s time, voters. Justin Verlander should be the AL Cy Young winner.