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Detroit Tigers Links remembers 2016

An ode to a season of mixed emotions.

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MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A Eulogy to 2016

I’m not a great eugoogalizer myself, but here it goes, let’s start with this result:

That was quite the shock for me. In reading the comments and talking with some of the staff I guess I understand the sentiment. With the payroll and being so close to the clearly attainable goal of the playoffs, it’s tough to put a positive spin on this season. But I like to play the part of the eternal optimist.

Look at all the good things that happened. Nick Castellanos had his break out season, Ian Kinsler’s massive season of dingers and grit at age 34, Miggy was Miggy, we may win the AL Cy Young and AL Rookie of the Year and Justin Upton went from tire fire to God! Sure the team didn’t make the playoffs, but the team was roundly selected to be at or below .500 by the “experts.” Considering it would have been tough to see this team make any noise in the postseason, I’ll gladly take the considerable achievements above. Oh yeah, and 2015 sucked so so much. That probably has a profound affect on my outlook.

So, yes, it’s tough to describe a season as a “success” when you don’t make it to the dance, but I certainly wouldn’t describe it as a failure. I had a great time watching this team battle and writing for our wonderful readers. So instead of getting too sad about missing the playoffs, lets just all agree that this was really really awesome:

2016 in pictures

Check out Mike Mulholland’s year in review for MLive and shoot him a follow on the Twitterverse if you like spectacular sports photography. A lot of winners here:

How the rosters were made

So about those playoffs

Who is everyone rooting for? I live in Chicago so I’m going to be rooting for the Cubs to fully take advantage of the party that ensues if they win. It would be so awesome and probably exceedingly dangerous.

Grant broke down all 25 possible match ups for the World Series because he has a lot of time on his hands. Using his algorithm, the power of sadness made the Indians vs. Cubs as his highest ranking match up, but it would be tough to beat Red Sox vs. Cubs (assuming the Red Sox don’t win.) The thing is, the Cardinals aren’t in the playoffs so any match up is good with me.

One thing is for sure, there will be plenty of pain.

Ichiro’s favorite American saying

(h/t IDonalbain)

Hirings, firings, and a game of hide and go seek

With the baseball season over, it’s officially firing season. And it’s already getting mighty bad out there. The Diamondbacks have gone on a Martha Ford-esque firing rampage relieving their GM, their Manager, and Tony Larussa from leader of baseball operations.

Joining them in unemployment was the Rockies’ Walt Weiss who wasn’t fired, but gracefully was not retained and Barry Bonds, who was not gracefully retained. The White Sox also made a spectacularly White Sox move by first leaking that they were retaining Robin Ventura, then clearly pressuring him to step down. Instead it will be Rick Renteria taking the reins over on the south side and looking to hit the ground running.

Also important to note that A.J. Preller, you know, that guy who falsified injury reporting to gain a competitive advantage, still has a job. He’s just in time out. But don’t worry, the commissioner knows where he is.

The art of the batflip.

A bat flip in the MLB usually earns you a fastball in the back. But in Korea, it’s in art form. Please read the article you never knew you needed by one of my favorite writers Mina Kimes.

For your free time.

The 10 most surprising performances of 2016. The Red’s pitching staff actually had a negative WAR. That is incredible work Reds. Cool story on a man taking a baseball to almost every single living or deceased hall of fame player. The Mets beat the Yankees in TV local ratings for the first time ever. Tigers ranked third.

Baseball is awesome.