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Detroit Tigers Links is giving runs up to the 6 and Tulo

You know how that game goes.

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MLB: ALDS-Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

So Toronto, eh?

That was the terrifying display of offense that makes this team so dangerous. There’s just no holes in the Blue Jay’s lineup.

I don’t know what a three inning Cole Hamels start does to your teams psyche but playoff baseball is inherently stupid so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

And I’m giving the offense all of the love but goodness gracious Marco Estrada. Eight and a third and some of the worst swings I’ve seen a playoff game.

The Tigers are not the only ones who struggle with Indians’ hitters

I wasn’t sure who I was rooting before, but it became apparent about half way through. Go not Red Sox.

Quick recap on the NL Wildcard game

Madison Bumgarner is the scariest playoff pitcher in history and the Cubs should be very, very afraid of the Giants. It’s 2016 and San Fran are already pulling no name heroes out of their collective butt.

I’m aware.

Curtis Granderson, still good at baseball

Ubaldo Jimenez’s backup

Unlike Buck Showalter, Fangraphs has not forgotten about Zach Britton (ZING!). I know we are all firmly positioned in the “Justin Verlander for Cy Young” camp but it’s still a fun exercise to look at Britton’s stats. He had a truly absurd year.

Here is _ seconds of Edwin Encarnacion sniffing a baseball bat

Edwin Encarnacion loves to sniff his bat. Find out why on

A video posted by TSN (@tsn_official) on

Rob Manfred stays busy

The MLB is finishing its investigation into the Cardinals hacking of the Astros from 2013 to 2014. Manfred didn’t seem overly happy with how long it has taken:

"I wish it had gotten a little more help a little sooner from the U.S. attorney's office. But the cards come up how they come up, and we're going to finish our investigation, and there will be a resolution of that during this offseason."

I really hope he used the saying “cards come come up how they come up,” on purpose. Because of the Cardinals’ nickname. Which is Cards. Get it? Anyway, here is hoping for a stiff penalty because cheating is bad and also screw the Cardinals.

At the same time the commissioner and the MLB are busy supporting the “Save America’s Pastime Act,” a proposal that seems to do anything but save baseball. Instead, the proposal masks its true purpose of providing itself with minimum wage exemption for minor leaguers under the pretense that paying minor leagues fair wages is far to difficult to calculate. Here is Manfred’s explanation:

Ah yes, opposing administrative requirements, something we can all get behind! Considering one of the two congressional backers has already pulled their support for the bill, here is hoping it is not long for this world.

Beltre is awesome.