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Detroit Tigers Links thanks the rookie

In a season of near misses, we still have something to be thankful for

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Thank you, Michael Fulmer

Obviously, we have covered the fact that Michael Fulmer has won the AL Rookie of the Year. But I want to give Fulmer my own thanks.

Thank you for salvaging this season. Without Fulmer, this team wouldn’t have been near contention. Thank you for giving the fans something to look back on and an accolade we can point to. Thank you for becoming the cornerstone that a franchise with a rapidly shrinking payroll can build around. And finally, thank you for being a plumber in the off season, because that is absolutely hilarious and so awesome.

And there is another minor league hat i have to buy

2017, buy or avoid?

2017 has an interesting free agent class, as there are not many big money free agents and the talent pool is pretty thin. Due to this makeup, Fangraphs admits that they had an easier time finding players to invest in, over players they think will bust. The Tigers won’t have to worry about any of those bust players, but I would love an investment in Brett Cecil.

Sooo the Braves might be fun

The Braves were in full tire-fire mode in May, with a record on track to be the worst of all time and an offense that was threatening to break every negative run scoring metric. But things turned for the team in the dog days of summer, and even though they ended with 93 losses, they were one of the better NL teams in the second half.

Eyeing this momentum, Atlanta has set about buying not, selling. They have added two back of the rotaiton stop gaps in R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon. They are looking into Brian McCann or Matt Weiters at catcher. And seem to have at least one big splash in the works.

Add in a new stadium and a young and exhilarating core, and Atlanta could go from worst team in history to exciting contenders in about nine months.

Chicago owes Vatican City some prayers

For your free time.

Phil Coke update. David Ortiz has officially retired. PSA, do not overpay Justin Turner. You don’t say, Buck. Nolan Ryan was an absolute Patriot.

Baseball is awesome.