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Detroit Tigers Links can’t quite let it go

Voting is hard, apparently

Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

People are in charge of things, just because, part 7 million

I’m a day late, so all the hot takes have been taken, but I would like to have it in writing that those two Tampa writers can ... well, stay in Tampa following a team that doesn’t try to win.

Anyway, the greater point here is, differing submissions based on perspective are fine, but if you are blatantly doing a terrible job or trying to rig the system (see below,) you should have your vote taken away.

Voting the consensus AL MVP 7th and leaving Justin Verlander off the ballot for Cy Young aren’t agonizing decisions, they aren’t matters of opinion, they are simply incorrect. Give your vote to someone that actually follows the sport and cares (me.)

People do the right thing this time, Mike Trout wins AL MVP

Unlike the Justin Verlander calamity, the writers made the right, and dare I say only choice by selecting Mike Trout as the AL MVP. Mike Trout is an incredible talent.

Along the same lines, Miguel Cabrera now has an MVP vote in 14 straight seasons, which is equally absurd. And finally, sick play on words ESPN.

Kris Bryant wins NL MVP, his eyes also remain undefeated

Informed opinions below

Jon Heyman is a smart baseball guy. And because of that, you should take in his Top 56 free agents and projected salaries. Because a lot of these are going to end up being either spot on or very close.

Please be true please be true please be true

Astros coming in HOT!

The Atlanta Braves have been supplying all the fire to the hot stove so far; first making what had to be the oldest combined pitching signing in modern history, but the Astros got into the act on Thursday, trading for Brian McCann and signing Josh Reddick.

It appears that they will, in fact, be going for it, and still have more pieces to make an even bigger splash. The AL West should be fun next year.

Someone finally hired Ron Gardenhire

Good work Diamondbacks, you get a great guy and anddd, yeah you get a great guy!

For your free time

CBA talks surrounding roster size. If they are labeling this as a key item I don’t think we have to worry about a work stoppage. Kenley Jansen is Marlins’ top target. Yankees looking at Beltran and Encarnacion for DH. The future of the Cubs’ defense.

Baseball is fun