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Ian Kinsler’s Mannequin Challenge is pure gold

The real winner of tonight is all of us for getting to watch this

After winning his first career Gold Glove award, Ian Kinsler popped some bubbly and celebrated the well-deserved win with his nearest and dearest. Taking advantage of having his friends and family around, he decided to do his take on the popular new #MannequinChallenge, which has people stage elaborate frozen tableaus.

This might replace champagne showers as the best way to celebrate big wins.

The video, set to fellow Warstic bat owner Jack White’s “Lazaretto” (Kinsler’s secondary walk-up song, naturally), is total perfection. The Kinslers, including Ian’s parents, children, and close relatives, embrace the ridiculousness with gusto. Even Tyson the puppy gets in on the action, and does a better job with the challenge than Kinsler himself.