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Detroit Tigers Links voted for Miggy

So don’t blame me for any of this.

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Tampa Bay Rays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Glad that’s over.

I’d like to collectively congratulate all of us for surviving that election. It appears our country still exists today and we are no worse for wear (for now.) Let’s get back to the more important things like ...

The off season!

With the qualifying offers handed out on Monday, it is officially the offseason. A time where the Tigers go out and spend oodles of cash, make their team better than the year before, and get some rest before another division championship run.

Haha, just kidding! This offseason is actually just like the election we just lived through; filled with doom, gloom, and terrible choices. Cameron Maybin is gone, J.D. Martinez is probably next, and the idea of trading Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera are at least being entertained. 2016 really is a terrible year.

As always, take a look at both SB Nation and MLB Trade Rumors’ rankings for an idea of who is available and where they may go.

The awards season!

Gold Glove awards were given out last night, and while the renaissance of Justin Verlander’s defense was not rightful acknowledged, the Tigers did have a winner as Ian Kinsler won his first.

Next up are the Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young Award for Michael Fulmer and Justin Verlander, respectively. Fulmer seems likely to win and Verlander would like you to know his stats are worthy as well.

Theo Epstein is a god.

If it wasn’t abundantly clear after his run with the Red Sox, Theo Epstein is the hottest GM in baseball. Actually, after ending 192 years of combined suffering, I’d call him the hottest GM in baseball history.

This means a couple things. One, you continue to make good moves because you are awesome. Everyone tries to be you. And, most importantly, you get to eat goat in the bleachers of Wrigley.

For your free time.

The Angels aren’t too far away. Tigers add two new members to their front office. Boston looking internally for a David Ortiz replacement. Once they don’t find one, they will sign Edwin Encarnacion. Yankees are the favorite for Chapman. Greg Holland’s velocity, not great. Players make videos in opposition of the international draft.

Baseball is awesome.