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The Toledo Mud Hens unveil their brand new 2017 jerseys

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That special occasion red is a doozy. 

For the first time in 15 years, the Tigers' Triple-A affiliate, the Toledo Mud Hens, will be sporting new jerseys when they take the field in 2017. With brand new designs for their home, away, alternate, and heritage jersey, the Mud Hens will be looking fly for the fall season.

The home and away jerseys sport stylized versions of the Toledo mascot "Muddy," while the red alternate jersey has a peculiar feather motif (are those supposed to be armpit wings?). The real winner is the heritage jersey, with a vintage version of Muddy emblazoned on the sleeve.

Let’s see how the new uniforms stack up on the Chris Sale Rage Scale:

Mud Hens 2017 home jersey
Mud Hens Twitter
1 out of 5 Chris Sales. Pretty standard home jersey. That T cap is pretty cool, even.
Mud Hens 2017 away jersey
2 out of 5 Chris Sales. Basic away gray, but the bird on the hat might be too silly.
Mud Hens heritage jersey
3.5 out of 5 Chris Sales. Pretty cool for a throwback jersey, but still a throwback jersey.
Mud Hens alternate jersey
5 out of 5 Chris Sales. This would be in shreds before it even left the box it was shipped in.

Overall, though, the new looks are sleek and cool, and should hold up well for another 15 seasons.