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Detroit Tigers Links sells real estate now

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Is anyone moving to Kansas soon?

Division Series - Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers - Game Four Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

I mean, my guess was that or insurance

Ever wonder what former Detroit Tigers outfielder Andy Dirks is up to these days? Probably not. But if you are like me and have a special affinity for “El Gringo,” it was fun to find out he is stealing deals in the Kansas real estate market.

In other Old Friends news

Gerald Laird will be getting his managerial start with the Tigers as he takes over for Mike Rabelo at Connecticut, Detroit’s Low-A short season affiliate. Laird always seemed to have a knack for big hits, so here’s hoping he can do it on the managing level as well. Also, did you know he is only 37? It feels like he should be at least 45.

(h/t FaredJogle on Reddit)

Following in the NFL’s footsteps is always a good idea

I’m not sure I should touch this but:

Call me crazy, but dressing up rookies as ‘A League of Their Own’ characters doesn’t really push the offensive button for me. [Ed.: Some of the other stuff was pretty bad.] We are pretty far into the PC culture at this point, though, so you had to figure this was inevitable.

An example of the Haves and the Have Nots

Try not to get old

I talked last week about the lack of a market for Edwin Encarnacion. Well, his partner in northern mashing, Jose Bautista, is also having trouble finding anything close to the contract he desires. So far, it looks like the Blue Jays and ... well that’s it.

On top of that, the Blue Jays are playing hardball (pun extremely intended) and will offer nothing more than the $17.2 million qualifying offer that Bautista already turned down. It’s tough to be an aging slugger in today’s climate.

Off season update: Houston will never be trading George Springer

Can you name this shadow?

Here’s a cool piece by Cut4 that quizzes the reader on pitcher’s deliveries. Some are obvious, some are not. Take the quiz, but see how many you can guess without having to use their responses.

For your free time.

Who is the most important pitcher on the Angels for next year? Probably their good one. Kenley Jansen is going back to the Dodgers. The merits of avoiding awful, as in, not starting Mike Aviles. Versatility remains key for the Cubs.

Baseball is awesome.

(He’s 13.)