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Detroit Tigers Links: Nothing happened after the Winter Meetings

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The Dodgers had swag for days way back when.

Uniforms so soft

Apparently the Brooklyn Dodgers used to have satin uniforms?! This is one of those “How the hell did I not know this earlier?” moments.

It’s quiet. Too quiet.

No movement at the Winter Meetings and the high asking price on Justin Wilson means a continued silence from Comerica Park. I disagree that the Tigers are “learning a hard lesson about genuine player value,” though. They are very aware of what their assets are and aren’t worth, hence the silence. I’m OK with the lack of movement to avoid rebuilding just for the sake of rebuilding.

I... kinda forgot about him.

Remember Anthony Gose? You know, that guy who couldn’t cut it in the majors, put up bad numbers in Triple-A, went AWOL, and then put up bad numbers in Double-A? Two years ago, he played 140 games for the Tigers. What are the chances he makes the team?

I’m so bored.

It’s the dead period after Winter Meetings, so these links get a bit sideways as the doldrums of winter produce little content. Instead of nonexistent Tigers rumors, here’s the total number of pitches and average pitches per out for every team in the Major Leagues.

Pay me my money!

Bad contracts are always referred to from the franchise’s perspective, but The Ringer’s Michael Baumann took an interesting approach. Which players have the worst contracts? Read: who is getting screwed? To no one’s surprise, there are no Tigers on this list; we pay everyone well. The top of the list consists of a ton of top-flight pitchers who signed just a bit too soon, and Anthony Rizzo and Jose Altuve, who are getting under paid by epic proportions.

Tall People are tall

I hate Jeffrey Loria, part 385

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria would be willing to sell the team for $1.7 billion. In other news, my Hyundai Sonata is available for $100,000.

For your free time.

Aroldis Chapman once ate 18 guavas before a game. Guess if he blew the save! CBS is already doing fantasy mock drafts, which is absolutely embarrassing. Former Cubs catcher David Ross is set to write a book that I will definitely read. Here’s an in-depth look at the Cuban smuggling ring. Something you do and don’t need: the world’s most expensive box of baseball cards.

Bartolo is awesome.