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Detroit Tigers Links agrees to terms

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Now that the CBA is complete we can get back to still not having baseball.

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

No strikes during this at bat

Baseball is back! Or ... not leaving, at least. The MLBPA and owners agreed to a new CBA just hours ahead of the old deal expiring. Despite the close proximity to the deadline I think any rumors of cancelled winter meetings or work stoppages were largely over blown. Rob was kind enough to provide a full break down here. To be honest, there weren’t any ground breaking changes but some interesting items include:

Meaningless things are no longer meaningful

That is, of course, referring to the All Star game no longer being the deciding factor for home field advantage in the World Series. It was a fun experiment that I will bashfully admit to initially being in favor of. But the total lack of sense became very apparent and its wonder the rule lasted until 2016. We will definitely look back on the gimmick with a “what were they thinking” attitude.

No more chewing tobacco ... for new players.

Classic bargaining right here. Obviously none of the current players were going to agree to this, so let’s just put the onus on the guys that aren’t here right now. Don’t worry Justin, your post game chew tradition lives on.

No under 25 international signings

Reminder that Otani is the literal Japanese Babe Ruth

No more forfeiting of first rounders

And no more masquerading as a small market team

That section is devoted to you Oakland. The team will no longer be earning 34 million in shared revenue just because they don’t care about winning and they don’t have a new stadium. How about you keep your good players and actually try and find a new stadium. Then maybe you could make those millions like the rest of the organizations instead of stealing your money. End rant.

There was however one thing that didn’t pass...

Sorry Jon.

Love getting my baseball news from TMZ

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton reportedly bought a house in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is 20 minutes from Dodgers stadium. Do what you want with this information.

Moving McCutchen

So trading Andrew McCutchen went from unthinkable a year ago, to possible earlier this year, to probable, to definitely going to happen RIGHT NOW. That is amazing for a former MVP in his prime that is the face of his franchise. I will be honest, I did not realize he had such a terrible year this year, so I can see why the Pirates might be afraid of a 2017 slow start killing his value, but it still makes me sad for all those Buccos fans.

More analytics

The name to watch in baseball statistics is Jonathan Judge. He has developed a new stat called deserved run average that more effectively judges (heh) how baseball is played beyond pitcher and hitter.

For your free time

Signing Carlos Beltran is a four-team race. The Astros agree to a 5.5 million dollar deal with Nori Aoki. Braves acquire Jamie Garcia. Reports out that Jung Ho-Khan arrested for DUI in Korea.

Baseball is awesome