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Detroit Tigers Links pays its taxes

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And always does it on time.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Try to be thankful

The Tigers are in a predicament, somewhere between competing and rebuilding with a whole lot of sunken costs. There is concern. But also, we are spoiled. The organization has consistently committed to a top-five payroll, we have All-Stars left and right, and are perennial contenders. Count your blessings, even if they are in the past. The Athletics, Rays, Reds, and Padres? They are just hoping for some semblance of hope.

The best part about that article is the realization that the Padres are currently projected to be paying $2 million more for players not playing for their team than the ones that are. That’s a whole new level of despair.

Jonah Keri in the holiday spirit!

Everyone hates taxes

A record six teams hit the luxury tax threshold this season, with the Dodgers leading the way with a IDGAF $32 million in taxes. That is actually down 25 percent from last year. The Tigers are, of course, part of the six, and will have to foot a $4 million bill. I’d like to point out that that $4 million will still be more useful than Mike Pelfrey.


Speaking of money, Matt Synder put together a wholly unnecessary article on why baseball players are not being over paid. Unfortunately, it was longer than the word economics, but if you want some salary related preaching, head here.

Rabble Rabble Rabble

There is nothing happening in baseball right now. I think the highlight of the past week was Clay Bucholz getting traded. So, yeah. But this dead period happens every year. And it signals the time where we have unnecessary arguments over hall of fame ballots due to boredom.

With the announcement that ballots will be transparent moving forward, a lot of experts have begun releasing theirs. Which means at least everyone can direct their hate more appropriately this year.

My two cents, I’m in favor of steroid users getting in. And Pete Rose getting in. And having more votes so we could have gotten Alan Trammel in. But I don’t really get upset about it. Those guys were great players regardless of their plaque status.

Anyway, Craig Calcaterra has a good break down of the eligible players. It also serves as a friendly reminder that we are all dying at an alarming pace as Pudge Rodriguez and Carlos Guillen are now eligible and I am almost 30 dear god ...

Live look at the Tigers chasing free agents

Add another one to the list

Last Wednesday I highlighted Edwin Encarnacion. On Friday, it was Jose Bautista. And now, no one wants Ryan Braun. Again, if you are slugger, do not get old. It ends very badly for you.

For your free time.

Woman mistakenly thinks TV Show Pitch is real. In her defense, I thought Barney was real for a while. Match these MLB players to their scouting reports. Appreciate Cut4 keeping us entertained during these depressing months. The most overrated player at each position, according to someone who takes a lot of liberty with the term overrated.

Baseball is awesome.