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Tigers fans reacted to the Alex Avila signing exactly as expected

The reunion either made or ruined Christmas for fans online.

Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v Detroit Tigers - Game Three Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

When the Detroit Tigers announced that they would be bringing back veteran Alex Avila to fill the backup catcher role for the coming season, fan response was... varied. Some people were elated by the return of a familiar face, while others had decidedly terser words for the signing. The deal was a relative bargain at $2 million, but that hasn’t kept people from sounding off about the decision.

I can’t honestly decide if this guy is excited, or just really likes hating on Avila.

At least he’s enthusiastic.

Others are thrilled by the reunion.

Catching depth on the bench: the true meaning of Christmas.

Avila had his own reactions to the signing. Of his reunion with friend and long-time teammate Justin Verlander, Avila said, “Now that I'm back, he doesn't have to worry about me hitting any more home runs off him.”

Welcome back, Alex!