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Detroit Tiger Links hates prospects so much

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Dombrowski gonna Dombrowski

Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The trade of the off season

It certainly wasn’t out of nowhere, as a number of teams had rumored to be in on Chris Sale, but the Red Sox went Full Dombrowski in pulling off the biggest trade of the year.

The full trade is Chris Sale for Yoan Moncada, Yoan Moncada’s salary, Michael Kopech, Michael Kopech’s 105 fastball, Luis Basabe, and Victor Diaz.

The upshot is clear for both teams. For the Red Sox, they immediately become the favorites in the AL. And for the White Sox, the rebuild is on in earnest, and starts with the best prospect in baseball and a ton of upside. A fair trade with clear positives for both sides.

Fun fact. Dombrowski has been in Boston for 18 months. He has traded 17 prospects.

The Nationals are having a bad time

Not a great off season for the team from DC. For the past week, it looked as though the Nationals, not the Red Sox, would be the team to land Chris Sale. But Boston swooped in and the Nats will have to do without the uniform altering star. They are still chasing Andrew McCutchen but that Sale miss wasn’t their only issuev...

400 million reasons why this was a bad idea

That decision would be coming in real hot on Bryce Harper for no apparent reason. The team leaked to the media that they were “taken aback” by Bryce Harper’s demand for a 10 year, 400 million dollar contract. There are two major issues with that. One, and I do believe this, they aren’t currently negotiating a deal.

“I have had no long-term discussions with the Nationals on Bryce,’’ Boras said in a text message to USA TODAY Sports. “No terms, no offers discussed. Only arbitration-year discussions.’’

And two, why are you guys taken aback by a 400 million dollar contract? Gincarlo Stanton just got 325 million and the best players will be making 40 million a year very soon. The answer is, they are not actually taken aback, and this is all an absurd ploy two years ahead of Harper’s free agency to lower the price. Which definitely won’t work (hi Yankees!)

As I often include, here is your quick reminder on the 2018 free agent class:

He’s the marquee attraction in the star-studded free agent class of 2018 that includes Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado, Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson, Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, Orioles closer Zach Britton,Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen, New York Mets starter Matt Harvey, and potentially Cy Young winners Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers and David Price of the Boston Red Sox with their opt-out clauses.

That stove is going to be NUCLEAR.

Dan Haren, teacher of younger men

If you don’t follow Haren, I suggest you do.

I mean, it is called Tigers Links

Ian Kinsler and Miguel Cabrera will play in the World Baseball Classic. I’m terrified of a Miggy injury but that’s pretty awesome of both of them to commit. Teams are inquiring on Justin Wilson and Shane Greene. And finally, it appears the sell everything vibe was over blown. Al Avila is keeping all options open.

Except for these options.

Maybe should have taken that money.

Edwin Encarnacion figured to be one of the most sought after free agents of 2017. He also figured as much when he turned down 80 million over four years from the Blue Jays. He might be regretting that right now as the market for Encarnacion has seemingly dissipated with teams looking to avoid large contracts on aging sluggers.

For your free time.

The Padres rotation might be historically bad. Which is always fun. Some winter meeting trades that almost happened. I prefer Miggy on the Tigers. Under Armor MLB jerseys, which seems weird, but whatever. ICYMI, Yankees sign Matt Holiday. All Hall of Fame ballots will be public moving forward. Finally some accountability in the process.

Baseball is awesome.