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Tigers links are patient, prudent, and they don’t panic

As the winter meetings draw to a merciful close, the Tigers have no big news to share, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else to talk about

MLB: Chicago White Sox-Photo Day Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the winter meetings draw to a close it has become very apparent that not only has the Tigers’ stove been cool, the pilot light may not even be lit. Instead of discussing deals of any kind, the hottest action we currently have amounts to scuttlebutt and campfire talk. Any heat we may get is emanating from the roaring fires of a few other AL Central teams. With all the inaction from Detroit, I’m here to at least give you something to look at this morning.


With no actual trades occurring we’ll have to settle for the next best thing. Like a college kid home on break, activity around the Tigers didn’t fully awaken until sometime yesterday afternoon with the one exception being some tire kicking going on regarding Anibal Sanchez. All I can say is make this happen. Al Avila should be willing to eat the whole contract, send miscellaneous amounts of equipment, and personally wash the car of whatever GM agrees to a deal.

Later in the day came news of the Dodgers still sniffing around Ian Kinsler, and almost as quickly as that interest seemed to be rekindled it vanished like a fart in the wind. The next bit of news regarded Avila confirming several teams showed an interest in shortstop Jose Iglesias. Moving Iglesias could mean a healthy dose of one Dixon Machado at short, and unless the organization is moving everything that isn’t bolted down I’d be inclined to say no thank you to young Mr. Machado as the full time option. The day ended with Avila saying he didn’t foresee any deals getting done and closing out with this gem of a quote.

Today, the winter meetings conclude with the rule 5 draft, and if you’re looking for a refresher regarding how the draft works, or some options Detroit might want to look into you can look here for possible draft candidates and here for how it all works.

It truly has been a strange week for Tiger fans who largely expected at least one major player to be moved, if not more, based on the words of Al Avila. Based on your perspective, the Tigers are either wisely playing hard to get, or Avila is running all over the place like a carnival barker and being largely ignored. In reality we’re walking into the final day of the meetings like this:

Rockies Sign Desmond

The Rockies took the plunge and brought Ian Desmond to the Mile High city. Colorado gives up the 11th overall pick in the 2017 draft to sign a shortstop who was converted to a center fielder with the intention of playing him at first base. On a possibly related note, marijuana is legal in Colorado.

Happy Trails Wade Davis

The Cubs and the Royals completed a deal that sends Wade Davis out of the AL Central. The Tigers should be pleased to see a guy who pitched 64 career innings against them, with an ERA of 3.09 and 1.17 WHIP take his ball and trot off to the Senior Circuit. The move signals the death knell of the original bullpen of DOOM. The Royals, like the White Sox appear to be ceding the division to a mano y mano slugfest between Detroit and Cleveland. So long Wade. We’ll always have this:

Eaton gets dealt

The AL Central just keeps getting friendlier. While Al Avila sits in a quiet room next to a phone that is quite likely unplugged, White Sox GM, Rick Hahn is more motivated to move product than the guy in your office who just started selling Amway. Having just unloaded Chris Sale, Hahn decided to ship Adam Eaton away as well, and for the haul the pale hose got in return I’m not sure he could say yes fast enough.

In return the Sox get Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dane Dunning. The Sox are now the Smaug of baseball organizations sitting atop a fat pile of their golden recruits. Enjoy beating up on the White Sox while you can folks because in a few years they could be scary.

As for the Nats, they plan to move Eaton back to centerfield. What made Eaton so great this last year was how well he played in right field. I guess we’ll see how this whole thing shakes out, but the smart money says moving him to center isn’t the wisest thing Washington could do.

Minor league baseball president not a fan of new team names

If you haven’t been paying attention, minor league baseball is getting more than a little bit crazy with the team names. The Binghamton Rumble Ponies is just one example of the somewhat questionable names that has Minor League Baseball President Pat O’Conner a little apprehensive. When you let fans suggest and vote on names you’re treading dangerously close to watching the Reading Harambes take the field against the Kane County Crying Jordans. I for one welcome the chaos. I love minor league logos and merch, and some of the possibilities there are tantalizing.

Hey, look at this baseball player being funny on Twitter

When it comes to pitchers to follow on social media, Phil Hughes is no Dan Haren, but you could do worse.

Baseball is Awesome

For your free time

The Cubs won the Wade Davis Trade, or did they? Is it time for the Rays to trade Chris Archer? Bud Selig carries some heavy baggage into the hall of fame. Angels fans should be happy The Economist doesn’t run their team.