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Tigers links needs the number of the gas company because the stove doesn’t seem to be heating up

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As the Winter Meetings draw to a close, the Rule 5 draft holds the only action the Tigers see this week

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On the final day of the Winter Meetings the Tigers kept the streak alive and continued the riveting course of choosing to not do anything.

When the tweets surrounding your team’s Winter Meetings activities use words like haven’t, not, and no there’s a good chance you’re not seeing a lot happen. However, the Tigers remaining as dormant as a grizzly bear in February doesn’t mean the rest of league can’t get crazy.

Aroldis Chapman Money

After the deal Aroldis Chapman struck with the New York Yankees late Wednesday night, I’m going to refer to the amount of money required for me to walk away from any situation like Robert DeNiro in Heat as Aroldis Chapman money. The Evil Empire threw a ton of cash at the fireballer to bring him back to the big apple. They can’t print enough money to bury the fact that his extracurricular activities are patently offensive, but it appears as though the Yankees are alright with who he is. It’s funny what a 102 MPH fastball can make people comfortable with.

Kenley Jansen is narrowing the field

As I write this, another closer, Kenley Jansen has yet to decide where he wants to play baseball next year.

If Jansen values comfort, I can say getting paid in stacks of cash thicker than Andy Dirks’ neck is a pretty comfortable way to live. After Melancon and Chapman signed for increasingly absurd amounts of money for a closer, it’s hard to believe somebody won’t be backing up the Brinks truck for Jansen.

Speaking of stupid money to closers, here’s an interesting read about what teams are paying for in a closer. There’s a lot of “he’s the guy who isn’t afraid to lose” talk in there so if you’re a non-traditionalist when it comes to bullpen usage you’ll have a couple laugh out loud moments, but it’s a pretty good look at how the position is viewed in today’s baseball world.

Tigers get Rule 5 daft

Well, the Rule 5 Draft closed out the Winter Meetings Thursday morning, and I can certainly say that it happened. The Tigers, a team most arguably in need of help at center field and catcher took two pitchers and a right fielder. It’s the Rule 5 draft, and yes Roberto Clemente was a Rule 5 draft product, but you usually don’t expect too much out of the guys you find through this process. That said, it’s hard to understand what it is the organization is doing with these picks. The featured pick up is Daniel Stumpf and while some speculate the pick could indicate an impending Justin Wilson trade Avila insists it’s a depth move. All I can say is as things currently stand, if Stumpf pitches any substantial innings out of the bullpen next year, it’s bad news.

At least the Padres are dominating something

The San Diego Padres are currently employing a pretty unique approach to the Rule 5 Draft, and it’s a bold move. They seem to be filling the 40-man roster with guys who are going to be asked to make some pretty big jumps from minor league ball to the big club. If it’s successful it could possibly change how teams approach the Rule 5 Draft. The one thing that is almost a guarantee is that there’s going to be some pretty terrible baseball played in San Diego this summer. That’s alright, though. I hear they have a pretty great zoo.

We lost a good one

As news of John Glenn’s death broke Thursday, Twitter was filled with quotes and anecdotes from the life of a true American icon. The thing that struck me about his list of accomplishments was the fact that he did so many amazing things with his life that flying combat missions in Korea with Ted Williams wasn’t even at the top of his list. Godspeed, John Glenn.

Baseball is awesome

For your free time

With a Jim Leyland favorite, Jason Grilli leading off the list, see if you can guess who these guys haven’t played for. Read along as Grant Brisbee pines for J.D. Martinez. In an early front runner for spring trainings best shape of his life award, Pablo Sandoval discusses complacency and his desire to start things over again.