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Detroit Tigers Links: Projections are stupid... unless they are positive for your team

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3rd place in the AL Central you say?

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The computer projections, best guesses, and mathematical algorithms are flooding in for the 2016 MLB season. And they aren't looking so hot for the Tigers. It started with the FanGraphs ZIPs projections that have the Tigers at a respectable, but uninspiring 81-81 that results with the team finishing third in the AL Central. The relatively meh prediction is mostly due to the low projections for Victor Martinez and the rotation. This will be a common theme.

Next was USA Today, who provided the Tigers with one more win at 82-80, but one spot lower in the AL Central. I'd laugh but they clearly know something we don't know, considering there hasn't been a 100-loss team since 2013 and they have three of them.

Finally, the PECOTA rankings from Baseball Prospectus gave the Tigers' their worst prediction. That would be a 79-83 record, good for third in the AL Central. At least they are spot on with the Royals, who they peg at 76-86. Nailed it.

The moral of the story, as it is every year in every sport, is that projections are totally worthless. They will provide a barometer of how many good players you have. And how many variables a team has. And that's about it. Algorithms simply can't solve for injuries, the magic of chemistry or your manager inexplicably using your bullpen. The Royals have had under .500 predictions the past three years, andddd yeah.

Fan bases with good projections will laud their favorable outlook while fan bases with poor predictions will dismiss them. Life goes on. Let's just get to real baseball already. Unless you send me a really positive Tigers projection. Then I would love to discuss it in detail.

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Man that's good stuff.

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