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Spring training is here!!

Baseball is back. I'm so happy.

Thank you, sweet eight pound, six ounce, newborn infant Jesus. Baseball is HERE! Sure, it might be limited to light throwing and running around the bases a couple times, but who cares. It's spring training and it is glorious. And that means summer is coming. Won't you take in these beautiful pictures with me?

Future career in the media for Nick?

They may look similar but their records are a bit different.

I was informed he is referring to this. But I still don't know who that is. Doesn't matter, BASEBALL!

Good to see him walking toward the team instead of away from it (sorry, had to.)

#Tigers GM Al Avila signs autographs for fans at Tigertown. My coverage all week on @fox2detroit 5&6

A photo posted by Jennifer Hammond (@jenhammondtv) on

Look at those patriots. And let's finish with our opening day starter.

I'm glad we could all share that together. Get ready for infinite speculation, position battles and all the grapefruit league action you could possibly crave. Baseball is BACK.