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Bless You Boys meetup planning: Show of hands time!

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We'll hold our meetup on Aug. 6 after it won with 60 percent of the vote

Leon Halip/Getty Images

On to the next phase of meetup planning!

We've got a date (Aug. 6, the first Saturday in the month). Now we just need to know about how many people to expect to attend. So please tell me in the comments how many tickets you'll need and I'll submit the info for our group.

Aiming for the sweet spot of about $30-40 per ticket, we can try to get upper deck infield for $35 each. It offers great views. Or we could get the mezzanine down the right field line for $30.

Please tell us in the comments 1) you're attending, 2) seating preference, and 3) how many tickets you plan to buy, and I'll do my best to get something that suits everyone.