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Alex Wilson's shoulder is sore and Anibal Sanchez resumed throwing on Monday

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The springtime aches and pains are making their rounds on the Tigers.

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

First, Anibal Sanchez got the caution flag when he experienced arm issues but he resumed throwing on Monday. Alex "Starlord" Wilson and Montreal Robertson picked up the shoulder sniffles, and the stomach bug is going around in the clubhouse -- first Anthony Gose and then Miguel Cabrera.

Sanchez threw up to 90 feet Monday morning after receiving the green light to get back to throwing per MLive's Chris Iott. He'll do the same on Tuesday and progress to 120 feet before getting back on the mound. After last year's season-ending injury, any whiff of an injury this year was bound to cause a double-take, but so far it seems to be nothing more than the grumpies of springtime.

Meanwhile, Robertson was in the weight room on Saturday when he injured his right shoulder in the process of getting up, according to ESPN's Katie Strang. He is undergoing tests on Monday -- continuing from Sunday -- and will no longer pitch in the exhibition game vs. Florida Southern. He is shut down until the team has more information regarding the severity of his injury.

As for Starlord, he's been sidelined temporarily with an achy shoulder, but he's not worried about it. The soreness he's experiencing is not in the same area he had last season. Wilson had been benched for a few days when he had shoulder fatigue in early August but it had no long-term effects on his performance.

"It's all good soreness," Wilson told Iott. "It's just a little more sore than normal. Rather than push it when there's no need to push it right now, we're going to take a couple days. I assume I'll probably take two or three days off from throwing."

And for the stomach bug that's hit a couple players, it seems to have passed. Gose was the first to have been hit with it, knocking him out briefly from practice. Then he graciously passed it on to Cabrera, who was only gone for a morning before returning to obliterate some baseballs.

These bumps and bruises are the baseball gods' way of saying welcome back to baseball. And there's a real game with real live baseball players and innings today. Unfortunately, it's not available on TV or the radio, so you'll have to wait until Tuesday for that. Sorry.