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Paws loads the Tigers' truck up for spring training

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Further proof that spring training is right around the corner

Jason Beck

There might be snow on the ground, but today brought a welcome sight to all Tigers fans. A big ole truck getting filled with all of the team's gear. Today is Truck Day, and that means that spring training is right around the corner. Hallelujah.

Already making good progress on the packing. And while he has plenty of help, I've gotta question the team giving Paws such an important role in the coordination of packing. He is clearly well versed in baseball, but he has also been forgetting to wear pants for the past 20 years.

And his coordination leaves a bit to be desired.

Can't knock that commitment though. Look at him go.

Hopefully they grab everything, especially Nick's new gloveBaseball is only 9 days away, get pumped.