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Victor Martinez unleashes the Tigers' 1st home run of the year

V-Mart didn't take long to start crushing baseballs again.

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The first home run of the year is a special thing, even in spring training. Even better when it's your cleanup hitter beginning the process of erasing his awful 2015 season from memory. Victor Martinez wasted no time in christening the start of actual Major League Baseball (sort of) yesterday, with this two-run shot against the Pirates.

Yes, it's just spring training, but the key feature of Victor's brutal 2015 was his inability to pull the ball to right field with authority. It appears he's feeling much better now, thanks.

Even more important? THAT SOUND! The fire in Dan Dickerson's call! Ah, that's the stuff! It may be another snowy day in Michigan, but we've already got the best sounds of summer.