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Steven Moya crushes a towering home run

The man whose ceiling is high enough to fit his frame shows why the Tigers should keep the faith.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Moya's power has always been his calling card. Sure he's got to make progress at the plate, but when he catches hold of one, there may be only a few players in the game capable of matching him for pure, baseball punishing, might. He showed it off today in a big way with this moonshot to right field against the Yankees.

Of particular note here, beyond the raw power, is the fact that Moya appears to have filled out quite a bit since last season. The guy is positively enormous now. That formerly gangly frame is fully strapped with muscle. You can also see the more open stance he's adopted over the past year. Overall, his swing, at least here, looks quite a bit smoother than it did late last season. It doesn't hurt to dream folks!