The Best Seat in the House


In my day job, I talk about houses and real estate in Detroit. But where do I spend the most time? In the summer, it's definitely Comerica Park.

I've sat in many different parts of the park and I've become quite opinionated in what I think are the best places to sit. I love that every seat has a different view of the city and just a little different view of the game. I like to be close, but I also want to follow what's going on. It took some getting used to and lucky for me, the most expensive seats aren't always the best.

I spent the 2014 season sitting in Section 138, Row 12, Seat 21. I spent roughly 20-ish games in that seat. It was between left field and third base. I watched pitchers walk out from the bullpen and the players warm up in front of me. I had the Sunday afternoon package, so I spend many days baking in the heat. There's no relief on days like that (but I'd take it over the cold any day). There were a few foul ball scares, especially the last regular season game. But generally I could see the action and felt like I was close to the game.


I sat in the lower box section along the first base line once. Never again. My nephew loved it because of all the foul balls. I was terrified the whole game. (No pictures. I didn't want a foul ball to hit my camera)

I don't love sitting in the outfield. I feel like I'm really, really far away from everything. The only thing I like about it is being closer to the players I love (JD and Cespedes). And the only excitement is when someone hits a home run. Like this game last summer against the Cubs, when it was so hot and we were losing badly. Cespedes hit a home run my way. It was glorious.


I've sat behind home plate twice, both during low attendance rainy games. My friends and I snuck down there as the delays mounted and we were trying to decide whether to stay or go. I get why they're so expensive. But I'd never pay that. (Would accept tickets as gifts, though)


I've sat in the cheap seats a few times, usually last minute. A ball game is a ball game though. It's not all bad.


For the glorious Rajai grand slam game, I sat in one of my favorite sections, the mezzanine. Up here, we're far enough away from the foul balls but we can see everything. I don't know why more people don't sit up here.


But my favorite seats at Comerica Park are in sections 321-331. Yes, these are in the upper deck, but if you're in the first few rows, you basically have the same view as the press box. I mean, come on. What's better than this?


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