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Bless You Boys needs your spring training podcast questions!

The Tigers are playing actual games now, and Rob and HookSlide would like to discuss them.

Take that, HookSlide
Take that, HookSlide
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Detroit Tigers are playing actual baseball, our weekly podcast will be much more interesting! Okay, so maybe we spent a healthy portion of last week's show debating the unhealthy foods sold at Comerica Park, but that's beside the point. The Tigers are playing real baseball now, and we even get to see some of it.

That's only part of our weekly routine, though. We also need your questions! After all, last week's food debate was sparked by a listener question, and we're more than happy to answer any others you throw our way. Plus, we may make power rankings a weekly segment, and we could always use more suggestions!

As always, you can send questions in on Facebookon Twitter, via email (at, or down below in the comments.