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Detroit Tigers links: This is your yearly reminder that spring training stats mean nothing

But overreacting to spring training stats sure is fun.

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This PSA usually comes a little later into spring training, but with two performance outliers already emerging, it appears to be about that time. Please, do not put any stock into spring training statistics.

Some will say "putting no stock" is too strong of a statement, that lagging performance can carry into the season. For injury instances, I would agree. Outside of that, there are simply too many variables at play in spring training.

First of all, the weather is nice out. As someone who almost had a mental break down during an April snowstorm last year, I'm intimately familiar with what Opening Day looks like. On top of that, you are facing inferior competition, batting out of order, and every player is "tinkering." It's impossible to compare these at-bats against what it will be like when that first Jose Fernandez pitch comes in real hot.

It should also be noted that this is the time for over-analysis. Everyone has been starving for baseball. Now that there are tangible results, those results will be magnified and driven into the ground. It's not a bad thing, it's just a rite of spring.

Let's get back to the two outliers. They, of course, refer to Bryan Holaday and Justin Upton. Holaday has been raking at a 2006 Chris Shelton pace, leaving the aforementioned over-analysis asking if he is pushing for a roster spot. Upton has been the exact opposite.

These results provide a temporary storyline, but you need look no further than the signing of Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Jhonny Peralta's 2011 spring training to see that they will have little effect on the 2016 season. No matter how it looks, Upton will hit and Holaday will probably not make the roster.

Someone get the bubble wrap

Here are injury updates on Alex Wilson, Jeff Ferrell and Anibal Sanchez. Sanchez is on track and Wilson has no structural damage, but Ferrell is a bit concerning. Nick Castellanos is not concerned about his back tightness. Neither am I.

While we are talking TigersK-Rod has only thrown two bullpen sessions and stated he only needs five starts before the season (because spring training doesn't matter). CBS provides their team preview on the Tigers.

Real estate knowledge, level 100

Marlon Byrd, Edwin Jackson, Dana Eveland, and Josh Wilson have all played for nine separate teams, rivaling the record of 13 set by Octavio Dotel. Also, the blog has multiple mentions of butt implants. So. Yeah.

Weird, Mike Trout and I have the same workout routine

The Wall Street Journal takes an in depth look at how Mike Trout gets all sorts of swole in the off season.

The most interesting players in the world (of the AL Central)

Friend of the links post Grant Brisbee takes a look at the most intriguing players for each team in the AL Central. Anibal's mysterious case of home-run-itis makes an appearance.