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The Tigers' 2016 special events uniforms are pretty sweet

Not sure about the MLB Home Run Derby caps, though.

Major League Baseball released photos of every team uniform for this year's special events on Wednesday. In addition to the 2016 MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby unis, those for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day have been unveiled. The Detroit Tigers' jerseys for these holidays leading up to the Midsummer Classic are, as you'd expect, pretty awesome.

The All-Star Game jerseys will feature a star on both sides of the silhouetted batter logo on the top-back of the jersey. Jerseys for the Home Run Derby are ... well, they're certainly retro. As for Mother's and Father's Day, this is the first season in which MLB has created specially designed uniforms for the holidays. For all the special events listed, the licensed uniform royalties will be donated to appropriate charities.

Proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen (Mother's Day), Prostate Cancer Foundation (Father's Day), Stand Up to Cancer (Mother's Day and Father's Day), Welcome Back Veterans (Memorial Day and Independence Day) and the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services' "Support Our Troops Fund" (Blue Jays' Memorial Day uniforms).

We've done the leg work for you and attached all the Tigers caps and jerseys for this year's events. Please enjoy responsibly, and react accordingly.

Mother's Day (May 8):

Mother's Day cap

Mother's Day jersey

Memorial Day (May 30):

Memorial Day cap

Memorial Day jersey

Father's Day (June 19):

Father's Day cap

Father's Day jersey

Independence Day (this date should be obvious):

Independence Day caps

Independence Day jerseys

Home Run Derby (July 11):

(for National League jerseys, switch the sleeve and body colors)

Home Run Derby caps

Home Run Derby jerseys

MLB All-Star Game (July 12):

MLB All-Star Game caps