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You should be following Miguel Cabrera on Snapchat

Miggy is a Snapchat wizard.

One of the best decisions I have made in the past couple weeks is to follow Miguel Cabrera on Snapchat. Now, this should be weighed with the fact that I don't make a ton of good decisions. Regardless, his use of the app -- his username is miguel24c -- is unequivocally awesome.

First of all, you get a real taste of his personality. He has let it shine through more in recent years, but Behind the Scenes Miggy is the best Miggy.

You also get a look at the locker room, something that the cameras usually don't see. Whether its him making fun of J.D. Martinez for listening to "Good Vibrations," or cat-calling Mike Aviles for his after-game suit game, it's fun to see the team interact outside of the diamond.

Most of all, the videos are just ridiculous and hilarious. I wish I could just stream them to the site, but here are some screenshots.

Please note Victor Martinez's shoes in the last one, which Miggy spent 8 seconds "wooing" about before Victor lowers his watch to illustrate his matching bling. Really incredible stuff.

So this is your PSA for Wednesday: go follow Miggy (miguel24c) on Snapchat. You won't regret it.