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Today is the 20 year anniversary of Cecil Fielder's first steal

A truly joyous occasion.

On this day, 20 years ago, two important things went very right on the base paths for Cecil Fielder. First, he was put in a hit-and-run situation, which, was a pretty bold strategy by then-manager Buddy Bell. After a swing and a miss, Cecil was out by a mile, but managed to knock the ball out of the shortstop's glove, creating his first stolen base in 11 years.

His first reaction was to try and immediately take the base as a souvenir. The umpire, not quite understanding what transpired, denied the request.

After a short delay, the Metrodome realized the momentous occasion and announced the steal to its crowd. What transpired was an impressive if slightly sarcastic standing ovation. Led by this guy:

Good job that guy. Cecil, of course, soaked it in.

And that's the story of how Cecil stole a base. The guy thwacked 319 home runs but I would guess this is one of his favorite moments. That is the look of sheer happiness.

He would actually have a second stolen base that year. And that was it. 1,470 career games. Two glorious stolen bases. Two very ashamed catchers.