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Indians 6, Tigers 3: Pitching falters and offense falls flat as Detroit gets swept at home

The Tigers threatened to take the lead in the eighth but a pinch-hitting Miguel Cabrera failed to come through.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

DETROIT -- Neither team had the best of luck with their starters. Carlos Carrasco and Shane Greene both exited for injuries before the fourth inning was finished, and Detroit Tigers offense is still missing. While Matt Boyd quelled any further offense, the Detroit Tigers went on to lose 6-3 to the Cleveland Indians to be swept at home.

Shane Greene's start turned into a shared long relief outing between Drew VerHagen and recently recalled starter Matt Boyd. And a scoreless, sparkling start turned into another deficit for the Tigers. The Detroit offense drove in two runs in the fifth but for most of the game they were quiet yet again. Given that the Indians' starter also went out with an injury early in the game, this was a very weird affair.

First, Carlos Carrasco went down trying to field a 3-1 groundout in the third. He departed with what was later announced as a left hamstring injury, and Trevor Bauer took over on the mound. Not long after, at the start of the fourth, Greene's day ended abruptly when a blister burst open and forced him from the game.

VerHagen, who inherited the long baserunner, promptly gave up a three-spot and it was all downhill from there. He personally gave up two more runs in the fifth, and the last RBI single knocked him out. Boyd, who took over, allowed that run to score, but by then the damage was done. The Tigers offense put up two runs in the fourth thanks to Nick Castellanos, but that second run was somewhat helped along by the not so great throw by Jose Ramirez.

Boyd remained on the mound for the remainder of the game, not allowing another run. The Tigers offense finally made it interesting in the eighth, driving in a run and loaded the bases. As such, Miguel Cabrera pinch hit with a golden opportunity to put the Tigers ahead for the first time in the game, but he popped out weakly to first in foul territory.


Nick Castellanos: Got one hit but it was a two-run variety. He also played decent defense at third.

Matt Boyd: Gave the Tigers exactly what they needed, going 3 2/3 innings giving up just two hits and two walks.

Victor Martinez: Finished with two hits and an RBI from the eighth inning.


Miguel Cabrera: With bases loaded in the eighth inning and a chance to give the Tigers some much-needed offense, the Tigers star ended the inning with a foul pop-up.

Injuries: They suck. Should be banned.

Tigers offense ... again: Rinse and repeat. The offense produced a total of five hits and only Castellanos drove in runs.


  • Indians starter Carlos Carrasco was injured in the third inning while fielding a 3-1 groundout. Just before he reached the first-base bag, he pulled up and upon landing on the bag slipped and went down in a heap. He tried to stand back up but was unable to, and shortly afterwards he was taken out of the game. Carrasco was unable to put any weight on his left leg, and was helped off the field by Indians personnel. Trevor Bauer took over for him with two out in the third.
  • Shane Greene left the game in the top of the fourth inning with a blister on his right middle finger.


Source: FanGraphs