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It's Daniel Norris' birthday. Here's 6 great things you can get him.

The Van Man turns 23 today, so we gave you some gift ideas.

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All of us here at Bless You Boys would like to wish Daniel Norris a very happy birthday and a speedy return to a struggling rotation. If you are feeling generous, here are some gift suggestions for the birthday boy.

Charcoal Sticks

Did you know Norris sketches?  Are you surprised?

Patagonia. Literally anything.

Sustainable outerwear for the win!

Mate Tea

I have not confirmed that Norris drinks this, but I'd bet a lot of money that he does. Kicks like coffee without the ecological footprint.

Fuzzy Tiger-themed Dice

For the Van Man that has everything.

Indian Camping Tomahawk Hammer Axehead Very Sharp

For when a regular ax just won't do. And why yes, that is how it's described. Also, it's HALF PRICE. They are basically paying you for that thing.

Or a hat. Really, any hat will do.

Pharrell hat. Cowboy hat. Snapback hat. Beanie hat. Bicycle helmet. You get the idea.