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On this date 3 years ago, Anibal Sanchez set a Tigers record for strikeouts

Sanchez treated Comerica Park to a vintage performance in 2013.

On a glorious spring day back in 2013, Anibal Sanchez absolutely humiliated the Atlanta Braves to the tune of 17 strike outs over eight innings of work. That was, and still stands as, a Detroit Tigers' team record. Let's check the box score for fun.

Ah yes, there's the Dan Uggla we all know and love. Also, shout out to Justin Upton for only striking out once.

Here's the condensed version.

Sanchez 17 strikeouts

It's worth noting that Sanchez has 17 total strikeouts this entire season, so lets hope he gets back to performances like this over the next month.