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Detroit Tigers predictions for the 2016 season that are sure to be wrong

Will this year be better than the last? The Bless You Boys staff make their baseball predictions for the 2016 season.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It's that time of the year again. Every season, the Bless You Boys staff gets together and makes predictions that, sooner or later, turn out to be incorrect at some level. This season is sure to be no different. The Detroit Tigers are filled with uncertainty after a disappointing last-place finish in the American League Central Division, but there is some hope. Several players are down with injuries for an extended time, or in doubt to start the year. However, most of the lineup is healthy again and there are positives in the pitching staff.

The 2015 season was, essentially, a benchmark for how to get everything wrong. We're going to try to fix that this year. We will likely fail. Last year the entire staff picked the Nationals and Dodgers to take their respective divisions, but only the latter succeeded. Five of our staff chose the Tigers to go all the way, while no one picked the Royals to take the ultimate prize. No one here figured the Mets would make it to the World Series last year, either, and none of our staff even had the Royals taking the AL Central.

Basically, everyone here flunked in fabulous fashion.

Detroit Tigers

Who Tigers record Rank MVP Rookie Breakout
Rob 84-78 Third Miguel Cabrera Drew VerHagen Nick Castellanos
Catherine 85-77 Second Justin Verlander Michael Fulmer Victor Martinez
Kurt 86-76 Second J.D. Martinez Fulmer Anibal Sanchez
Patrick O. 87-75 Second Cabrera VerHagen Castellanos
Fielder's Choice 84-78 Second Cabrera Fulmer Daniel Norris
Emily 85-77 Second J.D. Martinez Fulmer Castellanos
Nolan 92-70 First Verlander Wynton Bernard Shane Greene
HookSlide 91-71 First J.D. Martinez Fulmer Mike Pelfrey
Cameron 83-79 Third Verlander Dixon Machado Castellanos
TomduhB 85-77 Second Cabrera Fulmer Castellanos
Frisbeepilot 89-73 Second Verlander Fulmer Castellanos
Justin 87-75 Second Cabrera Fulmer Castellanos
Jeff P. 89-73 First J.D. Martinez Machado Norris
Brandon 89-73 First Verlander Fulmer Jose Iglesias
Tom Ferguson 82-80 Third J.D. Martinez Fulmer Castellanos
Patrick W. 81-81 Third Cabrera Fulmer Castellanos
Kyle 86-76 Second Cabrera Machado McCann
Eric 87-75 Second Cabrera Fulmer McCann
Jeff R. 81-81 Third J.D. Martinez Fulmer Castellanos

American League

Who East Central West Wild Card Wild Card MVP Cy Young Rookie Pennant
Rob Yankees Royals Astros Indians Red Sox Mike Trout Carlos Carrasco Joey Gallo Red Sox
Catherine Rays Twins Rangers Astros Tigers Miguel Cabrera Justin Verlander Byung-ho Park Tigers
Kurt Rays Twins Astros Rangers Tigers Trout Dallas Keuchel Byron Buxton Astros
Patrick O. Blue Jays Royals Astros Tigers Yankees Carlos Correa Verlander Buxton Astros
Fielder's Choice Blue Jays Indians Astros Yankees Rays Jose Altuve Chris Archer Gallo Astros
Emily Blue Jays Royals Astros Rangers Tigers Trout Keuchel Buxton Tigers
Nolan Blue Jays Tigers Angels Royals Red Sox Trout Verlander Buxton Angels
HookSlide Blue Jays Tigers Astros Royals Red Sox J.D. Martinez Chris Sale Drake LaRoche Tigers
Cameron Blue Jays Royals Astros Rangers Rays Trout Archer Buxton Astros
TomduhB Blue Jays Royals Astros Rangers Tigers George Springer Sale Jose Berrios Astros
Frisbeepilot Blue Jays Royals Astros Tigers Yankees Altuve Verlander Buxton Tigers
Justin Blue Jays Royals Astros Tigers Yankees Trout Archer Buxton Blue Jays
Jeff P. Blue Jays Tigers Astros Royals Rangers Correa Sale A.J. Reed Blue Jays
Brandon Yankees Tigers Rangers Royals Astros Manny Machado Archer Reed Tigers
Tom Ferguson Blue Jays Royals Astros Rangers Yankees Jose Bautista Sonny Gray Blake Snell Blue Jays
Patrick W. Yankees Indians Astros Royals Rangers Correa David Price Buxton Astros
Kyle Red Sox Royals Astros Tigers Rangers Trout Price Gallo Astros
Eric Blue Jays Royals Astros Tigers Red Sox Trout Keuchel Snell Blue Jays
Jeff R. Blue Jays White Sox Astros Rangers Red Sox Trout Keuchel Reed Astros

National League

Who East Central West Wild Card Wild Card MVP Cy Young Rookie Pennant
Rob Nationals Cubs Giants Dodgers Cardinals Bryce Harper Jake Arrieta Corey Seager Cubs
Catherine Mets Pirates Giants D-Backs Cubs Harper Jacob deGrom Seager Mets
Kurt Nationals Cubs Giants D-Backs Mets Harper Madison Bumgarner Kenta Maeda Giants
Patrick O. Mets Pirates Dodgers Cubs Nationals Paul Goldschmidt Max Scherzer Seager Pirates
Fielder's Choice Mets Cardinals Dodgers Cubs Nationals Kris Bryant deGrom Seager Cubs
Emily Mets Pirates Giants Nationals Cubs Harper Scherzer Seager Cubs
Nolan Mets Cardinals Dodgers Cubs Pirates Giancarlo Stanton Clayton Kershaw Steven Matz Cardinals
HookSlide Nationals Cubs Giants Cardinals Pirates Anthony Rizzo Scherzer Seager Cubs
Cameron Mets Cubs Giants Pirates Dodgers Harper Kershaw Matz Cubs
TomduhB Mets Cubs D-Backs Nationals Pirates Goldschmidt Kershaw Seager Cubs
Frisbeepilot Nationals Cubs Dodgers Cardinals Pirates Andrew McCutchen Zack Greinke Matz Cubs
Justin Mets Cubs Dodgers Pirates Giants Joey Votto Kershaw Matz Dodgers
Jeff P. Mets Cubs Giants Nationals Cardinals Goldschmidt Scherzer Seager Cubs
Brandon Mets Cubs Dodgers Giants Pirates Stanton Noah Syndergaard Julio Urias Pirates
Tom Ferguson Nationals Pirates Dodgers Mets Cardinals Joey Votto Kershaw Seager Dodgers
Patrick W. Mets Cubs Dodgers Cardinals Pirates Stanton Kershaw Seager Cubs
Kyle Mets Cubs Giants Dodgers Pirates Stanton Kershaw Seager Giants
Eric Mets Cardinals Giants Cubs D-Backs Harper Greinke Seager Giants
Jeff R. Nationals Cubs Dodgers Cardinals Giants Goldschmidt Kershaw Seager Nationals

World Series

Who Winner
Rob Cubs
Catherine Mets
Kurt Giants
Patrick O. Cubs
Fielder's Choice Cubs
Emily Tigers
Nolan Cardinals
HookSlide Tigers
Cameron Cubs
TomduhB Cubs
Frisbeepilot Tigers
Justin Blue Jays
Jeff P. Cubs
Brandon Tigers
Tom Ferguson Blue Jays
Patrick W. Cubs
Kyle Giants
Eric Giants
Jeff R. Nationals

Your turn!

Tigers record
Team MVP
Rookie of the Year
Breakout player

AL East
AL Central
AL West
AL Wild Card
AL Wild Card
AL Cy Young
AL Rookie of the Year
AL Pennant

NL East
NL Central
NL West
NL Wild Card
NL Wild Card
NL Cy Young
NL Rookie of the Year
NL Pennant

World Series winner