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Bless You Boys needs your podcast questions!

The Tigers are undefeated, and so is The Voice of the Turtle!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We're back! After your podcast co-hosts spent a week on the disabled list towards the end of spring training, our usual recording schedule was interrupted by this little thing called Opening Day. However, waiting a couple days gives us a chance to talk about some actual baseball, so we hope you'll forgive the wait!

That said, we need some podcast questions. Listener questions have been the lifeblood of this show -- well, that and copious amounts of shade thrown at the bullpen -- and we're itching to get back to work. Get creative, too! We'll discuss the first two games of the season on our own, so dig deep and give us your best shot.

As always, you can send questions in on Facebookon Twitter, via email (at, or down below in the comments.