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The Voice of the Turtle, Episode 27: Sorry, Buck Farmer

Rob and Hookslide discuss the first week of baseball and remember most of the players on the team in their first podcast of the 2016 season.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Like the Detroit Tigers, The Voice of the Turtle podcast is back! Although... we are a bit rusty. Rob and HookSlide discussed the first week of the new baseball season, remembered 24 of the 25 players on the Tigers' roster (sorry, Buck Farmer), and answered a heap of listener questions in their first episode together in nearly a month.

Luckily, there were plenty of good things to talk about. The Tigers are off to a roaring start at 2-0, winning a pair of exciting games over the Miami Marlins. Your fearless podcast hosts break down the important aspects of the two wins, but probably spend just as much time giggling manically at the idea of what a healthy Victor Martinez could do to this Tigers offense.

Hey, winning is fun!

Of course, things weren't all sunshine and rainbows in South Florida. Francisco Rodriguez struggled, Logan Kensing showed why he is a career MLB journeyman, and... James McCann didn't get a hit? Even manager Brad Ausmus couldn't draw any ire after a job well done through two games.

Topics in this week's episode include:
  • Baseball is back! But it might kill us.
  • The Tigers looked very good in Miami
  • Victor Martinez is healthy and everyone should be terrified
  • Anibal Sanchez: not dead
  • CC Sabathia might be in trouble this weekend
  • The Tigers' difficult April schedule
  • Bad slides and baseball in dresses
  • Listener questions!
  • Which baseball players do we hate most?
  • When Brad Ausmus goes right
  • 2:41 - Rounding the Bases: this is how you win the division
  • 43:31 - Warming in the Pen: tough sledding ahead
  • 58:23 - High and Tight: baseball in dresses
  • 1:12:45 - Into the Mob Scene at Home: more Salty, please
  • 1:33:50 - The 7th Inning Kvetch: who kidnapped Brad Ausmus?

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