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Detroit Tigers links: The Tigers fanbase is really, really, really unhappy right now

And we all have a right to be a little upset.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers managed to eek out a victory on Tuesday night, but before that, they struggled through a seven game losing streak that put the team three games below .500. The streak mirrored an eight game skid from last year, and understandably, the full-blown freak out is on. The result was all of the doom takes.

The reason for such a vitriolic reaction to the slow start is twofold. First, the 2016 season was never going to have a grace period. The failures of last year coupled with the amount of money spent during the offseason and the ever-closing window meant that any signs of trouble would be met with an uproar.

The other reason is that there is no singular fix for the Tigers' problems. Less flatteringly put, the team is losing in every way imaginable. The starting pitching has been poor. The bullpen has been solid but prone crucial lapses. The offense hasn't been consistent. And the managing remains questionable.

As a Tigers optimist, even I have a hard time finding a lot of positive things to say other than we are only a fifth of the way through the season and, hey, we won last night. There is plenty of time for us to get way angrier.

Isn't he out though, Mr. Roboto?

Jason Gay, one of my favorite sports writers, takes an unscientific look at a possible move to harnessing technology for balls and strikes.

The Cubs are fun, and good, and I'm already sick of them

Living five blocks from Wrigley Field for three years allowed me to appreciate the lovable losers on the North Side. But now they are good. I mean, really good. And I'm not sure I'm as comfortable with this new world order. FanGraphs labels them the perfect baseball team. And it's become a running joke that they are stealing saves from their closer because they score so many runs. Must be nice.

Here, have some random AL East news

The Blue Jays cut Michael Bourn. Remember him? That went south quickly. David Price is going to be just fine everyone. While we are talking Red Sox, Jackie Bradley Jr. is on a tear, and has a terrifyingly high ceiling. And Tigers fans aren't the only people with concerns; what is wrong with Adam Jones?

MLB streaming services are ahead of the curve, and worth big money

Disney is eyeing the streaming unit of MLB Advanced Media to help fill a hole in their live streaming capabilities. Looks like Disney has a real concern over the erosion of ESPN's sports market share.