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Tigers' terrific relay saves the day

Anthony Gose, Andrew Romine, and James McCann hook up for a perfectly executed game of catch.

Defense! What a concept! Not what we have been used to see recently, but it couldn't have happened at a better time. After Clint Robinson put one in the gap Tuesday night, Anthony Gose did a great job getting it out of his glove and hitting Andrew Romine at the cutoff. Romine put a laser right to a well-positioned James McCann, who handled the rest.

StatCast provided some fun details, like the fact that Andrew Romine has a better arm than Anthony Gose (not surprising), and Wilson Ramos was running at 18 mph (VERY suprising).

The Tigers are going to need a whole lot more of this (along with starting pitching, timely hitting, and everything else) to right the ship. But this was a good start.