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Detroit Tigers Links: The Tigers are searching everywhere for answers

Throw it at the wall and see what sticks: the 2016 Detroit Tigers mantra.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another loss. The patience is gone. The Detroit Tigers are better than this, at least on paper. And so we have entered the "kitchen sink" portion of the year at Game 34. It started with the two spot fiddling after Justin Upton's struggles. Most recently, a recall of Daniel Norris despite his poor recent performance in the minor leagues.

The team has also raided Toledo in search of answers.They have already had to deploy Michael Fulmer due to injuries, notably to starter Shane Greene. At least Fulmer has been a pleasant surprise.

Now, Steven Moya gets his opportunity to make an impact after counting on Tyler Collins had middling results at best [Ed.: And inflammatory ones at worst.].

The frustration has even spoiled over to the dugout. Manager Brad Ausmus, who has tried just about everything, doesn't take kindly to your second guessing thank you very much.

Ausmus was also rather unhappy after his team blew a 5-0 lead on Thursday night.

When your team is spoiling good Mike Pelfrey starts, its not a good sign. Let's hope things come together in the near future.


Brad Ausmus was on the 1996 Tigers when Clemens struck out 20 of their batters, the 1998 Astros when Kerry Wood struck out 20, and managing the 2015 Tigers when Scherzer struck out 20. #FireAusmus (h/t Peter_st on Reddit).

Behind the scenes of the Strasburg contract

I'm sure you are all aware that Steven Strasburg got a new 175 million dollar contract. But you probably do not know the story behind the contract. And who doesn't want to read about Scott Boras doing Scott Boras things.

Girl power

Fox has green-lighted a series about the first female major league baseball player. Let's hope we get the real story some time in the near future.

Extra baseball isn't fun for everyone

David Schoenfield takes a look at how teams perform after the 9 inning is up. The Tigers, like everything lately, are meh.

Chevy, still sponsoring the MLB

I know, you don't really care. But you should because of the amount time you spend watching those commercials.


The MLB sent officials to Venezuela to investigate the Red Sox's recent dealings with international prospects. The majority of the team's international signings were from the country but its not clear what the league is investigating. Maybe some vacation days to kill?